The StatQuest Illustrated Guide to Machine Learning (PDF)

StatQuest with Josh Starmer
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Machine Learning is awesome and powerful, but it can also appear incredibly complicated. That’s where The StatQuest Illustrated Guide to Machine Learning comes in. This book takes the machine learning algorithms, no matter how complicated, and breaks them down into small, bite-sized pieces that are easy to understand. Each concept is clearly illustrated to provide you, the reader, with an intuition about how the methods work that goes beyond the equations alone. The StatQuest Illustrated Guide does not dumb down the concepts. Instead, it builds you up so that you are smarter and have a deeper understanding of Machine Learning.

The StatQuest Illustrated Guide to Machine Learning covers...

  1. Fundamental Concepts in Machine Learning!!!
  2. Cross Validation!!!
  3. Fundamental Concepts in Statistics!!!
  4. Linear Regression!!!
  5. Gradient Descent!!!
  6. Logistic Regression!!!
  7. Naive Bayes!!!
  8. Assessing Model Performance!!!
  9. Preventing Overfitting with Regularization!!!
  10. Decision Trees!!!
  11. Support Vector Classifiers and Machines (SVMs)!!!
  12. Neural Networks!!!

NOTE: If you want to take a peak inside the book, see:

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The StatQuest Illustrated Guide to Machine Learning (PDF)

147 ratings
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